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Clearance Specialists

Wherever you are in the world, wherever you want to go, CAT Flight Support can handle and arrange your flight clearances and permits for you.

Our Services


If you are planning overseas flights, Cat Flight Support will arrange:
1.Flight clearances.
2.Landing permits.
3.Traffic rights.
4.Flight planning.

Permissions, diplomatic clearance and
traffic rights can be obtained for any fixed wing aircraft
(including microlights) and helicopters.
Whether you are a private pilot or operating corporate,
relief, cargo/passenger charter or ferry operations,
CAT Flight Support will make it easy for you.


Wherever you are, wherever you want to go in the world we can help you.
Overflights and/or landing, technical, commercial or traffic clearances (permits) are required in many countries prior to an aircraft entering their airspace or landing at an airport.
CAT Flight Support will be your guide and assist you with the unfamiliar requirements and regulations, using up-to-the-minute information on developments which may affect your itinerary.


Our pricing is all-inclusive, so that there are no hidden charges.The only extra charges that you ever have to pay are on certain routes where there are route navigation charges or local agent fees. We will tell you in advance when these apply – simply contact us for a quotation. How do we compare? When comparing prices please bear in mind that where we apply for outbound and in-bound clearances at the same time (where allowed) you only pay for one permit. Other companies may charge for both ways, so that even though their charges appear lower it can end up costing you more.

About us

CAT Flight Support has over 10 years’ experience in assisting the aviation world to obtain overflight and landing clearances (permits) worldwide. You simply contact us and we arrange everything for you.

Unlike many agents we are available 24 hours a day, so that if you need any help you know that you can always contact us.

We keep you informed of developments which may affect your itinerary. Using information from CAT Flight Support contacts around the world you will be alerted to any changing situations before and during your flight.

Whether you are a commercial airline overflying 10 countries or a private pilot on a short trip abroad you will receive the same professional service – prompt, expert advice and guidance to make sure that your flight(s) go smoothly (except turbulence!).

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