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Get Premium Farms-Raised Beef In Illinois

Invest in premium farms-raised beef for all your quarter, half, and whole beef needs across the state of Illinois with Worthington Farms.


Welcome to Worthington Farms Your Trusted Source for Premium, Locally Raised Beef!

We Are Fourth Generation Fresh Meat Suppliers

For decades, Worthington Farms has maintained integrity in cattle farming and beef supply. We’re among the humbly sincere fresh meat suppliers in the state for the following reasons.

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Grass-Fed Beef
Customer Support
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Bundle #1
8 pounds ground beef
2 packages ribeye
1 package t-bone steak
2 packages filet steak
2 packages ny strip steak
Bundle #2
8 pounds ground beef
1 chuck roast
1 rump roast
2 packages round steak
2 packages cubed steak
Steak Lovers Bundle
1 package ribeye steak
1 package ny steak
1 package sirloin steak
1 package round steak
1 package cubed steak
Ground Beef Bundle #20 pounds
indulge in our Ground Beef Bundle featuring 20 pounds of premium quality, finely ground beef.

Why Farms-Raised Beef Over Store-Bought Meat?

You could always buy whatever you want from any place you fancy. But the question is whether you should. Store-bought meat can come from several places. But generally, it’s from factories that don’t care about you or the cow. Here are a few more reasons why Illinois’ farms-raised cows fare better:

Still On The Fence About Beef Direct From Farms?

As experienced fresh meat suppliers in Illinois, we understand first-time buyers have doubts. That’s why our team is always ready to guide you through the entire process.

Select Your Favorite Beef Products

Buy Beef Raised With Care In The Farms Of Illinois

Zero hormones. Only vet-guided medication. High-value feed rations. Our cows get the best care, so you get the best meat.

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