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MooseCock – Humor To Reality

Brandon Babin is a young entrepreneur who wanted to create fashionable clothes that feel cozy, look good, and give you renewed confidence about yourself.

One day he got inspired by a gift from his girlfriend. She’d given him underwear that had moose heads on them, based on his signature moose jokes. This gave him the idea to use a moose as his brand’s identity. Hence, MooseCock Apparel came to be.

Babin began his business with an original line of undergarments and sleepwear. Thanks to the appeal of the MooseCock brand, the business and customer demands kept expanding. Hence, today, we offer you all kinds of quality clothes including shirts, hoodies, trousers, socks, and much more.

New Batch For Every Season

Whether you need to buy a gift or get something for yourself, at MooseCock Apparel, you’ll always be able to find creative items that spark joy. We ensure every design is available for both men and women. Every item you like, you can also purchase for your partner and friends. Head over to the shop section to see our latest collection of t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, socks, and a whole lot more.
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