Celebrating Emerging Talents
J&J Art, Inc. is your gateway to the future of art. Join us in celebrating emerging talents from South Korea and beyond, as we showcase the vibrancy and innovation of the next generation of artists.
Curated Excellence
Experience curated excellence at J&J Art, Inc. Our gallery is a harmonious blend of youth and experience, providing a platform where artists at various stages in their careers come together to create a unique narrative in contemporary art.
Global Collaborations Local Roots
J&J Art, Inc. bridges continents in the world of art. With a commitment to expanding the horizons of Korean art globally, we actively seek collaborations with renowned artists and art-related companies, creating distinctive events that resonate both locally and internationally.
Innovative Canvas for Art Evolution
J&J Art, Inc. is more than a gallery; it's an innovative canvas where young artists experiment and mature artists exhibit the culmination of their artistic evolution. Join us in pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.
Exclusive Opportunities for Collectors
Elevate your art collection with J&J. Discerning art collectors, seize an exclusive opportunity to acquire unique pieces that reflect the rich tapestry of contemporary art. Your collection deserves the distinction that J&J Art, Inc. offers.
Visionary Artists Wanted
Calling all visionary artists! Connect with J&J for bespoke collaborations that transcend artistic boundaries. Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned veteran, unlock the full potential of your artistic journey with us – where passion meets unparalleled opportunity.
Artistry Beyond Borders
Embark on a journey of artistry without borders with J&J Art, Inc. Our commitment to participating in international art fairs ensures that the rich tapestry of contemporary art from South Korea resonates globally.
Artistic Journey Unleashed
Unleash the potential of your artistic journey with J&J. Our gallery provides a nurturing space for artists to experiment, grow, and showcase the evolution of their craft. Explore the boundless possibilities of your creativity.
Artistry in Collaboration
J&J Art, Inc. thrives on collaboration. Join us in creating a synergy between artists and high-profile art-related companies. Together, we curate distinctive events and exhibitions that elevate the art experience for enthusiasts worldwide.
Eternal Echoes of Artistic Expression
Step into a realm where artistic expression echoes through time with J&J Art, Inc. Our curated space marries the vibrancy of contemporary art with enduring creativity. Explore a collection that weaves a timeless narrative of artistic legacy.
Artful Dialogues Across Cultures
Engage in artful dialogues that transcend borders. J&J Art, Inc. fosters a space where diverse cultures converge, creating a dynamic platform for cross-cultural artistic expressions that resonate with global audiences.
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Artistic Discovery Awaits
Embark on a journey of artistic discovery with J&J Art, Inc. Our gallery is a haven for those seeking to explore and uncover hidden gems of creativity. Unearth a world where every artwork tells a unique and compelling story
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Journey into Artistic Discovery
Embark on a discovery of artistic wonders at J&J Art, Inc., a haven where hidden gems of creativity are waiting to be unearthed.
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"We focus on promoting contemporary art through a variety of works, from contemporary formative art to the purest abstract art"


Current Exhibitions

January 24-28, 2024

Art Palm Beach

FEBRUARY 14-18, 2024

Los Angeles Convention Centre
1201 South Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA

July 25-28, 2024

Seattle Art Fair


Current Exhibitions