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Check out our latest publication, “Pure Shooters Are Born, Not Made”. As a kid, the author, Gregory V Jones Jr, took inspiration from basketball legend, “Pistol” Pete Maravich, for greatness. As an adult, he’s grasped the spiritual methods of many more top athletes, and written them down in this book to help all pure shooters like you follow the true Christian way of life for experiencing greatness today!

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Greg Jones is a celebrated athlete who’s become an author to promote positive lifestyles for all. Hence, his books are written to motivate, inspire, and educate each reader for a renewed approach to taking on life’s challenges. So, when you pick up this new book, you’ll be on a renewed path toward success before you know it.
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The Pure Shooter Will Not Miss, No Matter The Circumstances

Through this book, Greg Jones aims to teach, inspire, and motivate readers not to walk, but to run towards their goals by following the path of winners. His book, thus provides invaluable knowledge to all athletes and aspiring athletes around the globe; who can use it to embark on their journey to greatness with a more confident mindset and the most effective long-term strategies.
The best shooters are those that find an effective method, or routine, that produces the same focus and execution of movement no matter the situation.

Gregory V Jones Jr

Author & Former Athlete

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The quality of Jones’ books stands on his commitment to buyers. He ensures every page you read offers lasting value for growth.

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The demand for the release of “Pure Shooters Are Born Not Made” goes over the roof. Yet, the wait will not be too long. The book in its final form will be out in August 2024. But you can easily pre-order your physical copy today. So, when it’s released, you’ll be among the first readers!


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Editor’s Review - Brett Williams

Dr. Jones has once again demonstrated that he is a masterful, creative, and inspiring author. His unique and genius-like creative storytelling, an imagination that allures you into its grasp, and his theological insights have all made him one of the premiere authors today. I’ve not met his equal. In Pure Shooters Are Born, Not Made, Dr. Jones examines the gifts of those few athletes who attain a god-like status amidst all other players in the world. These elite few are born divinely gifted and, therefore, destined for greatness. By examining this drive to greatness that these few athletes possess, Dr. Jones uses this information to likewise examine the Christian way of life. But questions will naturally arise. Why do they have this gift? What did they do to earn it? Can I obtain this gift? Well, this is where Dr. Jones, with piercing insight, discovers the fundamental, spiritual truths that these divinely gifted athletes innately possess. He then parallels these discoveries and makes a powerful analogy by using a superstar basketball player. The analogy contrasts these god-like athletes with the Christian way of life. In this book, Dr. Jones encourages, motivates, and challenges us to live a life of greatness. He has carefully carved out a masterpiece with this book. He paints with strokes of brilliance as he shows us the critical factors that lead Christians to individual greatness. Upon finishing this book, the readers will understand how one attains this greatness and the complementary traits of integrity, honor, and determination. The readers can begin immediately to apply these spiritual insights that Dr. Jones has laid before his readers, laid before them with creative artistry and enlightenment. I am indebted to Dr. Jones for helping me understand exactly how one can attain spiritual greatness, not as some distant finish line, but something I can implement today. Greatness is not something you eventually attain, but an attitude that is driven by the unrelenting determination to follow Christ without conditions. To be sure, this requires a lot of hard work. You in?

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